About OSM Pro

OSM Pro, a product of Trinetica LLC, was first launched September of 2012 to handle the needs of carriers in the petroleum industry to efficiently manage dispatching trucks and simplify the billing process. OSM Pro was designed in partnership with carriers in the petroleum industry making it a unique fleet management solution. Unlike other fleet management software on the market OSM Pro is not designed around volume or weight shipments that are used in the freight LTL industry.

Over the past two years OSM Pro has evolved as our carriers business processes changed. Trinetica prides itself to be able to bring these modifications to the OSM Pro engine to our carriers with no additional subscription cost, or development cost.

OSM Version 1.1– 1.3

  • Expanded adjustable rates table for customer, job types, and misc. charges.
  • Created customizable invoice rule sets.

OSM Version 1.4– 1.9

  • Implemented green sheet export of invoices according to Logistic Specifications for ADP.
  • Synchronization with Intuit QuickBooks for exporting invoices

OSM Version 2.0

  • Developed new user interface.
  • Migrated OSM Pro to a full SAAS application for better performance
  • Integration of sales tax process requirements based on item codes or well locations
  • Ability to upload and retain bol/tickets to individual or multiple loads
  • Redesign of Invoice Processing to handle batch file creation of needed documentation combining invoice, tender and bol/ticket for upload to ADP
  • Work Order Process Initiated for Load Tracking

In Development

  • Working with ADP to enable automatic file transfer from carrier to ADP with no manual intervention
  • Fleet Maintenance module to enable tracking of maintenance schedules of fleet
  • Inventory module to enable tracking of maintenance items or field equipment
  • Time Clock management and integration (QuickBooks Payroll Capable)