OSM Version 1.1– 1.3

  • Expanded adjustable rates table for customer, job types, and misc. charges.
  • Created customizable invoice rule sets.

OSM Version 1.4– 1.9

  • Implemented green sheet export of invoices according to Logistic Specifications for ADP.
  • Synchronization with Intuit QuickBooks for exporting invoices

OSM Version 2.0

  • Developed new user interface.
  • Migrated OSM Pro to a full SAAS application for better performance
  • Integration of sales tax process requirements based on item codes or well locations
  • Ability to upload and retain bol/tickets to individual or multiple loads
  • Redesign of Invoice Processing to handle batch file creation of needed documentation combining invoice, tender and bol/ticket for upload to ADP
  • Work Order Process Initiated for Load Tracking

In Development

  • Working with ADP to enable automatic file transfer from carrier to ADP with no manual intervention
  • Fleet Maintenance module to enable tracking of maintenance schedules of fleet
  • Inventory module to enable tracking of maintenance items or field equipment
  • Time Clock management and integration (QuickBooks Payroll Capable)